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Total Awards


Literature Awards


Best Director Award


Radio Mirchi Music Award

  • Best Director Award for Film “YEH HAI INDIA” at Festival of Globe, USA.
  • Yeh Hai India also won Best Film Award at Festival of Globe, USA.
  • He won Best Director of The Year 2020 by Bharat Global Icon Awards, USA
  • Yeh Hai India got Special Jury Mention Award in Jaipur International Film Festival.
  • Yeh Hai India’s Song “Dhola” awarded as Best Raag-Inspired Song of the Year by 12th Mirchi Music Awards 2020.
  • He was invited to Google and Facebook Head office in USA.
  • Yeh Hai India Trended on IMDB at #1 Position.
  • He has been awarded "SAHITYAKOSH SAMMAN" for his first book "THE BURNING MAN".
  • Best Film Award for Chicken Biryani 2 at Great message international film festival 2018.
  • Best Film Award for Chicken Biryani 2 at international children film festival of Jaipur 2018.
  • Best Top 5 Film award winner at New Delhi film festival 2018.
  • Main Udna Chahti Hu Trended on YouTube at 10th Position.
  • Main Udna Chahti Hu Crossed 2 CR+ Views across all Digital platforms.


Ramchand is a daily wage labourer and law-abiding citizen who never curses God for his fate. He accepts it with a smile and faces life’s challenges like many others. His simple life is tumultuously turned upside down one day when his son, Sinu, runs away from home.

The Burning Man is the story of a father who embarks on an unstoppable mission to find his lost son after he is ignored by the system due to his underprivileged status. His journey makes him realize the hardships of society and how people are struggling out in the world—their pains, anger, happiness and the never-give-up attitude which keeps the world going, no matter what and how bad the circumstances are. On his long mission, Ramchand finds himself in trouble from time to time, just because he is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

His journey also makes him witness the stark reality of human trafficking and how innumerable kids are either being kidnapped or lured into it every day. No matter how many other lost kids he reunites with their families, Ramchand’s ultimate quest is unwaveringly focused on finding his own son. Will Ramchand be successful in his pursuit?



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